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Postgraduate researchers – Covid-19 frequently asked questions

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Postgraduate researchers (PGRs), staff and students are asked to consult the main university coronavirus Covid-19 advice, which will be regularly updated on the Bournemouth University website. As issues relating to Covid-19 may still be causing unavoidable impact on research conduct and progress, this section highlights specific factors that occur in a research context to aid planning as an individual PGR.

It is recommended that you continue to discuss the likely impacts with your supervisory team and develop contingency plans. Requests to extend deadlines for individual milestones can be submitted prior to the event but requests to extensions to maximum enrolment or stipends will not be considered until 6 months prior to the relevant end date. If appropriate, you might also wish to discuss issues with your department’s PGR Lead (or equivalent Departmental Research Lead with responsibility for PGRs). If you are unsure who this is, please contact your Postgraduate Research Administrator in the first instance.

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