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Postgraduate student representation

Being a Postgraduate Research Student Representative (PGR Rep)

PGR Reps volunteer their time to help make university life the best it can be by collecting feedback from their PGR colleagues and sharing it with the university via the Faculty and University Research Degree Committees and SUBU via SIMON.

What is their role?

PGR Reps:

  • Collect feedback about ALL PGR issues impacting the student experience
  • Represent the collated student views at the Faculty Research Degree Committees and work with staff to create positive change
  • Share with their PGRs & SUBU what’s happened as a result of giving this feedback.

Why become a PGR Rep?

  • Gain transferable skills like public speaking, diplomacy, leadership, and more
  • Capture these skills in the SUBU Leadership Award, boosting your CV
  • Having a real impact on student experience at BU
  • Have fun and make friends along the way
  • Full training before you start
  • …and a free hoodie.

Who are the PGR Reps?

There should be a minimum of 1 PGR Rep per Department to represent the views of PGRs in their Department throughout the year. PGR Reps will sit on the Faculty Research Degree Committee.

Collectively, the PGR Reps will meet 6 times per year as the PGR Rep Committee, to be chaired by an elected Chairperson, to identify key themes to discuss at the University’s Research Degree Committee.

You can find a list of current PGR Reps via the Doctoral College Brightspace unit.

The election process

The PGR Rep process mirrors the central SUBU election process and will take place in October annually. A call will be made for those interested in becoming PGR Reps to nominate themselves, if there is more than one nomination per Department, a virtual election will be held.

Full details of how to become a student representative and what it involves are available on the Students' Union website.