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Projects management (PM) principles are expanding, both in terms of adoption by different industries as well as within the field itself. The purpose of my research was to explore the stakeholder's roles and their importance and investigate their perceptions of success criteria and the associated factors for the context of tourism resorts in Oman.

The research reveals that in the long-term, the success of projects goes beyond the ‘iron triangle' measurement; instead, success is a process of stakeholder’s satisfaction that involves successive inter-exchanges. The stakeholders are context-specific where the context of the project designates their interest, roles, power and trust.

Career Plans 

PhD has widened up my perspectives that made think of my career differently. I intend to take different ventures academically and in the industry:

- Already started a project in Bournemouth by the name of ‘Cremma Café’ ( ). We hope to develop a brand name based in Bournemouth and to the world. 
- Starting a PM training and consultancy company in Oman
- Part-time academia 

Besides, I am planning to dedicate time for voluntary work wherever my knowledge or experience can be useful. 

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Tahini Alsaedi

Tahini Alsaedi

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