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Samreen Ashraf first came to BU as an MBA student in 2012. Five years later, she is preparing to complete her PhD with us. Here, she shares the story of her journey so far.

When I first decided to study ay BU, there were a number of important factor to take into consideration. It had a good reputation, especially amongst international students, and was known to help graduates get good positions. The flexibility of the MBA was another, as I would have the ability to tailor the course to my own needs, and I also enjoyed the diverse cultural environment at BU. The fact I secured a scholarship made the financial decision even easier, and Bournemouth being so beautiful was an added bonus.

Exciting journey

My MBA was a really exciting journey. It exposed me to various areas of business, such as accounting, finance, economics, human resources, operations management, marketing and law. It helped me to see the complete picture of a business, and helped me to generate creative ideas.

Involvement with industry

While studying the MBA, I saw for myself the benefit of BU’s involvement with industry – I helped to develop a marketing campaign for SEAT, a competition which BU entered alongside twelve other universities. We won!”

Supportive environment

Although the MBA took me out of my comfort zone, making me learn new skills and polish my existing ones, The Business School provided a wonderfully supportive environment. I learned about different cultures, as part of a cohort from a variety of educational backgrounds. It was a fabulous opportunity to learn, and I also made many new friends too.

Deeper understanding

After completing my MBA, I moved on to my PhD, also in The Business School. The academic support I had seen as an MBA student was a huge factor in that decision. The Business School had helped me to strengthen my academic writing, and gave me a deeper understanding of the research process.

Scholarship opportunities

Once again I secured a scholarship, this time the Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship, to help me with the costs associated with my PhD. It’s entitled ‘The role of consumer multiple identities in their bank choice’, an under-researched area.

Publishing research

My PhD has opened many avenues for me. With the help and support of my supervisors, I have presented at various renowned national and international conferences, and published in a peer-reviewed journal. I’ve also been invited to present my research as a guest speaker, and managed to secure some funds through successful bidding.

Better researcher

Throughout my PhD, the Business School has helped me become a better researcher, and I’ve been able to teach part-time at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. I’ve also been supported to secure Higher Education Academy Fellowship, which has improved my career prospects.

Opportunities for students

I’ve loved getting involved with some of the opportunities available to students at BU that target different interest groups. I’ve been involved with clubs, societies, research cluster groups, networking events, conferences and voluntary opportunities. I even formed a new society for international students to help and guide them as they join BU.

A valuable experience

My whole experience at BU has been an amazing journey. It’s prepared me to work independently, boosting my confidence and shaping my career. Being part of BU both as a student and an academic has been an experience I will always value.