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History, Politics & Social Sciences

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History, Politics & Social Sciences courses

If you want to develop a broad and deep knowledge of how society functions, our History, Politics & Social Sciences courses will prepare you for a range of challenging and exciting roles.

We offer a work placement opportunity for every undergraduate student, which can be a fantastic way to put what you’ve learned in your lectures into practice and to see how your chosen specialism could translate into a career – it may even open your eyes to a career path you’d never considered before.

History and Politics degrees

Our history and politics courses are delivered by the Faculty of Media & Communication, where a media-driven environment provides the courses with a new, fresh perspective. This includes opportunities to get involved with extracurricular activities, and work or study abroad. As a history student, you will also become a member of the internationally renowned Centre for Media History, which is based at BU.

Lydia Keys

“I love my course because it is so different to any of the other courses I had applied to at other universities. It’s been so much fun here at BU.”

Lydia Keys, Politics graduate

Sociology, Social Anthropology and Criminology degrees

These courses are delivered by the Faculty of Health & Social Sciences, where you will learn from research-active social scientists in fields including society and social formation, social anthropology, criminology, cultural diversity and social welfare.

Jordan Lipman, BU alumnus

“I was able to show that my sociology background would give me a different perspective and, having demonstrated my commitment, I was offered a place… The year at Microsoft was absolutely what I needed to make up my mind on my future career.”

Sociology graduate Jordan Lipman on his placement year application

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