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Human Performance Laboratories

On our sports courses you will be able to make the most of our state-of-the-art human performance measurement equipment. It enables you to measure the impact that changes to a training regime can have, and how you as a coach can use that information to better athletes or a team’s performance.

We also provide you with opportunities to take your newly gained skills further by applying them directly with our industry contacts; developing not only your experience but enhancing your employability.

We have two human performance laboratories covering 300m2 of space with the following equipment:

Performance Analysis & Biomechanics

  • Qualisys 3D Camera System (10 Camera System)
  • TekScan In-Shoe Pressure Pads
  • TekScan Pressure Pads
  • RS Scan Pressure Pad
  • Biosense Electro-Goniometers
  • MIE MyoDat EMG
  • Multiple Highspeed Cameras
  • Kistler Force Plate (x2 600 x 400mm)

Key software:

  • Dartfish
  • SportsCode
  • Quintic
  • Kinovea


  • Woodway ELG Treadmill (and other treadmills)
  • Faro eMotion EKG analysers
  • YSI 2900 Blood Analyser
  • VX GPS with Polar Heart Rate monitoring
  • Cortex Breath by breath gas analysis
  • Douglas bag collection system

Anthropometric and Physical Activity

  • Blood pressure monitors
  • Actigraph
  • Harpenden Skinfold Calipers
  • Stadiometers
  • Scales
  • Omron Body Fat Monitor


  • Watt Bikes
  • Monach Bikes
  • Concept2 Rowing Ergo
  • Kayak Ergo