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Community setting facilities

Community home setting

Bournemouth Gateway Building community home setting

Our home setting provides spaces to practise giving care in a real-world environment, such as a bedroom, lounge, kitchen or bathroom.

The setting features appropriate furniture and in some cases has restricted space, ensuring that you are used to working in varied and realistic home environments. There is also a ceiling-mounted hoist for occupational therapy students to practice mobility scenarios.

As well as providing paramedic science, nursing, occupational therapy and physiotherapy students with realistic home settings in which to practise their skills, these environments can also be used by social work students to conduct representations of case conference reviews.

Our home setting has audio and video recording facilities to record your training sessions, giving you the opportunity to watch yourself at work and reflect on your practice.

We also use our local community environments and connections to teach, which may include fieldwork, inviting local people (such as homeless people) to talk to you about their living environments, or taking our academic work into the local community.