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Hospital ward facilities

Hospital wards

The new Bournemouth Gateway Building is expected to open in 2021, bringing a wide range of new equipment and facilities – including a new hospital ward setting.

This page includes visualisations of the new facilities, alongside photography from our pre-existing facilities in Studland House on our Lansdowne Campus.

Bournemouth Gateway Building hospital wards

We have three hospital wards, each of which is set up to replicate a slightly different hospital environment. They each feature multiple beds, washbasins where you can practise handwashing, and all the equipment and furniture you would expect to see in a hospital ward. You’ll use these wards, the equipment and manikins to practice your skills and techniques, building your confidence as you do so.

Our wards feature a range of equipment, including:

  • Full-size manikins that can breathe, emit chest sounds and have a pulse - these are often computer controlled and can even speak
  • Basic life support equipment
  • Injection trainer, to allow you to practise giving injections
  • Simulation equipment to enable you to practise inserting naso-gastric tubes and administering medication
  • Audio and video recording facilities to record your training sessions, giving you the opportunity to watch yourself at work and reflect on your practice.

These images are computer generated and are indicative of the final rooms. The precise equipment may differ from the illustration.

Studland House facilities

The following images show our pre-existing facilities in Studland House on our Lansdowne Campus.