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Operating theatre facilities

Operating theatre

Our operating theatre is equipped to reflect modern operating theatres found in both NHS and private hospitals. It is fitted with a range of equipment, all designed to help you practise valuable skills that you’ll need in the workplace.

By spending time in this theatre, you’ll learn about the proper procedure for scrubbing, gowning and gloving; find out how to prepare surgical trays; be trained in anaesthetic machine checks, airway management and invasive/non-invasive monitoring; and work on simulated surgery procedures.

The operating theatre includes:

  • Two operating tables 
  • Two working anaesthetic machines with full patient monitoring equipment and associated equipment
  • Simulated wall pipeline gas supply to enable working anaesthetic machines
  • Surgical scrubs area
  • Realistic, life-size manikins to simulate patients
  • A range of monitoring equipment for practising recovery skills
  • A variety of instrumentation commonly used in theatres
  • Audio and video recording facilities to record your training sessions, giving you the opportunity to watch yourself at work and reflect on your practice.