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Birthing suite

Our birthing suite is set up to reflect the facilities and equipment used in the majority of hospitals, including those where you will go on your placement. You’ll be able to practise all the techniques you’ll need for various styles of birthing, as well as develop basic care skills such as phlebotomy (taking bloods) and carrying out observations on temperature, pulse and blood pressure.

The equipment in the birthing suite includes:

  • Birthing bed, which cost over £6,000
  • Birthing pool
  • Birthing couch, which was donated by the National Childbirth Trust
  • Birthing manikins
  • Ceiling-mounted cameras to record your training sessions, giving you the opportunity to watch yourself at work and reflect on your practise. You’ll be given the images on your own memory stick, and these recordings are also used for assessment purposes.

In addition to learning about different birthing techniques and advanced midwifery skills focusing on high-risk pregnancies and complicated labour and birth, you’ll also be taught the hands on approaches to examining the maternal abdomen, identifying the lie, position and presentation of the fetus, and listening to the fetal heart rate and develop your communication skills covering tasks like history taking, information giving and the appropriate management of adverse events. 

Relevant courses:

BSc (Hons) Midwifery