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Nutrition labs

We have specialist nutrition labs in Bournemouth house, which are home to state-of-the-art equipment to support practical teaching in nutrition, human physiology and food safety. You will also have access to a well-equipped food processing and development unit and simulation skills facilities, giving you the opportunity to learn and improve your competency-based skills in nutrition assessment.

Our nutrition labs feature:

  • Soxhlet extractor - used to determine the fat content in food
  • Kjeldahl digestion apparatus - for determining the nitrogen (protein) in food
  • Bomb calorimeter - to allow you to measure the heat of combustion (calorific value) of food
  • Fitmate calorimeter - used for indirect calorimetry, the results of which can help you formulate individual nutrition plans
  • Microscopes - utilised for histology and microbiology
  • Nutritics - nutrient analysis computer software
  • Various models of food and an Eatwell plate tha can be used for education in food portion size/control
  • Health promotion props, such as diabetic feed to visualise the effects of diabetes, and fat and muscle models
  • Models (test tubes) of fats, salt, sugar and fibre - these are used to visually demonstrate the amounts in the foods that we consume and are primarily used in weight-loss programmes.

Relevant courses:

BSc (Hons) Nutrition, MSc Nutrition and Behaviour