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Computer animation suites

We have two computer animation suites, one containing around 40 PCs and the other with around 20 PCs, ensuring everyone has their own work station.

All of these PCs are high-specification and have been specifically designed with digital animation and digital effects work in mind.

They have industry-standard software on them, including Houdini, which is used for effects; Nuke, which is a compositing software; and Maya, which is predominantly used for character-based animation. All the PCs also have a graphic pad tablet. 

We have set up the two suites to replicate an industry studio, where you’ll have your own dedicated work station that’s optimised for CG work. 

As well as using these computers during your class time, you can also access them at other times of the day and into the evening to work on your projects.

Relevant courses:

MSc Computer Animation & Visual Effects, MA 3D Computer Animation