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Green screen and motion capture studio

We have recently invested in a new green screen and motion capture studio, situated at a site on Elliott Road, approximately a 15-minute drive from our Talbot Campus. 

This is designed for shooting actors, practical special effects and miniatures on the green screen, in addition to motion capture data acquisition. It is predominantly used by students on our computer animation and digital effects courses at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

The modular structure of the studio space allows for the whole studio to be used as one large setup for green screen filming, or to be split into up to three independent photography/filming spaces that can be used at the same time.

The green screen and motion capture studio is fitted with the following equipment:

  • Infrared cameras - these are mounted along the perimeter of the green screen area, and capture spatial data from the reflective markers on the special suits worn by motion capture actors
  • Dedicated green screen lighting rig - this includes four floor lights, as well as cyc lights to light the space effectively for green screen shoots.

You can book this studio, with supervision, during your course and can make use of our extensive equipment store to ensure you have the right cameras, lights and other accessories for your project.

Relevant courses:
Computer Visualisation & Animation, Computer Animation Arts, Computer Animation & Visual Effects