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Post-production suites

Our post-production suites are set up to industry-standard specifications, providing you with valuable experience in sound design and production.

We have two suites, each set up with identical equipment and both featuring Avid Protools HD, the software used in the film and TV industry, as well as a suite of Waves plugins, which extend the workstation’s capabilities, particularly in terms of equalisation, reverb and compression.

BU is an Avid learning partner, so we are licensed to run official Avid courses and train you in how to use the software.

Each suite is fitted with:

  • A Control24 mixing desk, which is fully integrated with the Protools software
  • Two-channel speaker system using Genelec speakers, which are industry standard, and have been chosen specifically as they have the right power for the size of the room and therefore provide a neutral response
  • Wall-mounted TV monitor, positioned to replicate where you’d be watching a TV in real life and thereby allowing you to hear the sound accurately
  • iMac with two screens
  • Regulation-compliant mixing level meter (EBURI28).

The walls in both rooms have been treated to cut down reflected sounds, making these acoustically treated mixing rooms.

You’ll be able to book these post-production suites 24 hours a day to enable you to work on your projects and practice using the equipment.

If you’re on a course that makes use of this facility, you will also be able to buy Avid Protools HD for your own computer or laptop at a discounted rate.

Relevant courses
MA Sound Design for Film & Television, BSc (Hons) Music & Sound Production Technology, BA (Hons) Media Production