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Radio studios

We have a five-studio suite of radio studios within our faculty, which are used for practical broadcast courses. The studios are for different uses, including journalism, live broadcast of music and magazine programmes, outside broadcasts, drama and our award-winning radio station

Studio 1, which is our largest studio, was fully refurbished at the end of 2014. Studio 5 is spec’d for music broadcasts, while Studio 4 is smaller and more intimate, making it ideal for interviewing. The Foley suite provides a training and recording facility for sound effects and voice overs for a range of media.

You can run music programmes from Studios 1 to 3, but all of them have been developed as pre- and post-production spaces for group and individual work. They are all accessible and we are able to link to voice software and adapt the space easily.

The equipment we have in our studios or available from our store includes:

  • Studio 1 features a cubicle for recording and a main studio with a 16-track mixing desk and eight channels
  • Specialist mics and sound design kits
  • ISDN lines that can connect to any studio - or space (such as live events) with a line - in the world
  • Outside broadcasting kit that includes handheld radio mics, radio headphones, a 3G link to the studio and a portable rack to carry the kit.

You will receive thorough training in how to use all the equipment and workshop training for the relevant broadcast courses is held in this area. The studios are available for you to book 24 hours a day, seven days a week, once you have completed your Studio Passport as part of your course.

These industry-standard studios have been designed to allow you to hone your interviewing techniques, improve your skills in recording and broadcasting a range of audio content and managing live streams. Your work will be exhibited as part of the programming on, and we also run radio projects with external partners including the BBC, advert production companies and independent producers.

Relevant courses:

BA (Hons) Radio, MA (Hons) Radio Production, BA (Hons) Multimedia Journalism, MA Multimedia Journalism