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Anthropology Laboratory

The anthropology collections include hominid and primate teaching casts and over 1,000 sets of human remains – one of the largest human osteological collections to be held by any UK university.

Dating from the Bronze Age throughout to the 19th Century our human skeletons come from our archaeological activities, such as “The Big Dig” (The Durotriges Project) in Dorset, cemetery excavations throughout the country and loans from museums. 

In addition to our bone collection, we also have an extensive cast collection, providing you with access to as large a reference sample as possible.

This extensive collection is used to learn about how to identify human remains, conduct analysis for trauma (in a forensic and archaeological context) and to create a biological profile in the process.

Our lab is fitted with specialist tables for laying out and examining skeletons and our knowledgeable demonstrators and lecturers are always on hand to offer advice and assistance if you need it.

As an undergraduate student, you will have supervised access to the lab during teaching time. If you are studying a postgraduate course you can access the lab whenever you need to for your learning and project work.

Relevant courses:

Undergraduate courses and Master's degrees in archaeology and anthropology