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The collections now held by the Department of Archaeology and Anthropology within the Faculty of Science and Technology were started in 1969 at the Weymouth college for Higher Education and is currently located in four rooms within Christchurch House, Talbot Campus, Poole, BH12 5BB. Much of the material has been generated through staff-led archaeological training excavations and research projects.

The collection consists of archaeological material and associated archives, including human remains, a natural history collection, a collection of geological and mineralogical samples and archives generated by consultancy work. The collection will continue to be developed in ways which complement the demands of the taught and research-based courses and the academic interests of the Department.

Public, Research and student access to the collection is restricted but can be granted via email by or The collection is managed by the Department through its Collection Management Sub Committee with day to day care of the collections undertaken by the Demonstrator for Field Archaeology and Collections (Damian Evans) and the Demonstrator for Anthropology (Gabrielle Delbarre).

Archaeological collections

Collected as part of field research and teaching over the past 50 years the collections continue to expand as fieldwork continues into the next decade.  Housed in CG25, archaeological finds and environmental samples form the bulk of the material along with a small reference and teaching collection of reproduction objects used to enhance practical teaching sessions.  Material types include ceramics, animal bone (faunal), glass, metalwork and shale all housed in museum standard boxes on Dexion roller racked shelves for easy access.  Finds from Dorset sites include Knowlton Henge, Woolcombe Farm, Toller Porcorum DMV, Winterborne Kingston (Big Dig) and Dewlish Roman villa.  Finds from further away include those from prestigious sites such as Stonehenge and sites from the Isle of Man and Wales. 

Geological samples

Rock and mineral samples are housed in two bespoke cabinets within CG20, a room used to promote post-excavation of sites and to house smaller collections.  The collection contains igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rock samples alongside a mineral collection.  Also housed in the cabinet is a collection of Edwardian/Victorian geological slide samples.

Natural history collection

Our Natural History Collection is comprised of two main collecting areas; local plants to taxonomic family level including Grasses (Poaceae and Gramineae) and Beetles (coleoptera) to species level including (Carabidae and Geotrupidae).  These are housed in bespoke cabinets and museum-grade boxes within CG20.