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Cyber Security lab

Our cyber security lab is something special. Using state-of-the-art technology across our three labs, we can run up to 50 million PCs using just 50. As the name of our facility suggests, it’s all about security here. From the labs we can see where cyber attacks are happening all over the world, and what attacks are happening and being stopped at BU.

Through our outreach programmes, we invite schools and businesses to use our labs, and we have a 10-week summer school for BU students. Our previous guests include the Police Volunteer Service.

We have some remarkable software that’s used for protecting and testing systems. This includes:

  • CISCO FlexPod - this connects all the PCs in our labs together. Combined with a Blade server, it allows us to run all our machines and store up to 50G of RAM.  
  • OPNET - improves network strengths, and helps us turn 50 PCs into 50 million.
  • NetBrain - this configures networks automatically.
  • FireEye - we use this to check for intruder activity and to analyse cyber attacks on BU’s system.

Relevant courses:

BSc (Hons) Cyber Security Management

MSc Cyber Security & Human Factors

MSc Internet of Things with Cyber Security