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Zooarchaeology Laboratory

Our zooarchaeology lab has an impressive reference collection, containing over 500 known specimens predominantly from the UK and north-west Europe, covering everything from cows and wild boar to dogs and rabbits. We also have licenced specimens of rare and endangered species in this collection.

Being able to identify animal remains is key in archaeological investigations and analysis and spending time examining our collection will help you identify full bones and fragmentary archaeological material.

Our zooarchaeology collection includes bones from:

  • Large mammals
  • Small mammals
  • Fish
  • Birds
  • Insects.

We also have the equipment such as microscopes, magnifying glasses and measuring equipment that you'd expect, to enable you to examine bones in greater detail. You’ll have access to this lab and the collection within it at any time when it's not in use for teaching.

Relevant courses:

Undergraduate courses and Master's degrees in archaeology and anthropology