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Language skills can open up huge possibilities for your future careers. If you want to learn a new language our Languages@BU scheme has everything you need to enhance your global talents – from course books to conversation clubs.

Languages@BU Library guide

Our Languages@BU Library guide features self-managed learning guides for all of our course books and resources in French, German, Italian, Spanish, Arabic and Mandarin Chinese from beginner to advanced level. The guide links to our SansSpace Virtual Language Centre which contains all the supplementary audio and video files for our language resources.

SansSpace Virtual Language Centre 

Our new SansSpace Virtual Language Centre is available 24/7 from any device, so you can improve your language skills when and where you choose. It enables simple access to all the supplementary audio and video language resources in the library. You can also record yourself in your target language and compare your pronunciation with native speakers.

Conversation clubs

Conversation clubs are run by students who are native speakers of the languages we offer and provide an opportunity for language learners to practise their language skills in a relaxed, supportive and friendly atmosphere.