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A fusion of ideas

Teaching and learning

Our approach to teaching and learning enables you to expand your academic horizons, deepen your subject-specific understanding and build work-ready skills and experience.

Flexible learning

A rich blend of lectures, seminars, group work and independent learning typify our courses. You’re encouraged to collaborate, not just with your immediate peers, but with students and staff across the university – building soft work-ready skills while exchanging knowledge and thinking.

Innovative learning spaces for group work – from beach hut technobooths to breakout areas – empower you to learn from fellow students, while our new Fusion Building boasts dynamic lecture theatres and seminar spaces that can be reconfigured into flexible learning environments.

Many of our courses also offer flexibility in their study programmes – enabling you build core knowledge and skills before identifying your chosen specialisms.

Real-world experience

Throughout your studies, you’ll be exposed to industry expertise – not just from the leading academics running your course and in your faculty. You’ll learn and network through guest speakers, bespoke events and festivals featuring top industry experts, and from the invaluable work placements available on all our courses.

Industry-standard facilities

You’ll be able to prepare for your future careers by mastering industry-standard equipment in state-of-the-art facilities, such as our human performance laboratory, operating theatre, computer animation suite or cyber security lab.