We offer several Integrated Master’s degrees at BU, which combine undergraduate and postgraduate study into a single course. What this means in practice is that your postgraduate study follows on from your Honours degree.

What is an Integrated Master’s?

When you apply for an Integrated Master’s, you are essentially signing up for your undergraduate and postgraduate study at the same time. These courses are typically four to five years long - depending on whether a year’s work placement is part of your course - and see you complete a full Honours degree before continuing your course and receiving a Master’s qualification in a related subject.

An Integrated Master’s will allow you to explore a subject in greater detail and allow you to graduate with a more specialised qualification.

Why choose an Integrated Master’s?

The main benefit of applying for an Integrated Master’s is that you can receive funding for the full duration of your course. If you apply for a Master’s after completing an Honours degree, you won’t receive the same level of financial support from the government for your postgraduate study.

With an Integrated Master’s, your Maintenance Loan and Tuition Fee Loan are extended to cover the postgraduate part of the course once you’ve finished your undergraduate degree.

A growing number of companies and organisations are seeking graduates with more advanced qualifications too, so holding an Integrated Master’s will help you fulfil this need. It's also an excellent stepping stone for PhD level study, so if you have ambitions of completing a doctorate, this may be the right route for you.

What subjects can I do an Integrated Master’s in?

We currently offer two full-time and one part-time Integrated Master’s degrees:

What if I change my mind once I start studying?

If you decide that you would no longer like to continue onto a Master’s qualification, you can graduate a year early with a full Honours (BA/BSc/BEng) degree.

Do bear in mind that if you choose to graduate early, but want to return to study a Master’s at a later date, you will not be eligible for the same level of funding that you were granted for your Integrated Master’s.