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Touch Rugby

Are you an individual or group who want to keep fit, have fun and try out a new sport together? We have 2x Terms of BU Student & Staff Sessions based at Talbot Campus launching in March and a Corporate League at our Chapel Gate Sports Campus, with mixed teams competing for a block of 5 weeks. As well as the chance to unleash your competitive side, Chapel Gate leagues will play host to music, entertainment, a BBQ and an on-site bar to wind down after the match and celebrate your wins together.

Key information

NEW BU Touch Rugby Sessions 2022

Spring Term

Start Date:  07 March 2022
Time: Mondays, 5-6pm
Duration: 4 weeks
Location: Talbot Campus

Summer Term

Start Date:  25 April 2022
Time: Mondays, 5-6pm
Duration: 4 weeks
Location: Talbot Campus

Cost: £20  for all 8weeks
How to Book: Book online or at SportBU Reception

Corpourate Touch Rugby League 2022

Start Date:  07th July 2022
Times (Weekly): Thursday, 7.00pm
Duration: Eight Weeks 
Location: Chapel Gate Sports Campus

Costs (Per team):

*Early Bird offers:
March: £50 per team
April: £100 per team
May: £150 per team
June: £200 per team

How to BookBook online or at SportBU Reception

*Reserve an individual or even a full team for the taster by calling 01202 965012

Got any questions? Please email [email protected]

New Touch Rugby League 2022

Questions or Queries?


Chapel Gate Corporate League

How to play   

Touch rugby is a fun and friendly low-contact sport. No grappling or tackling is allowed – instead, you’ll use a two-handed touch on your opponent’s body or clothing to get the ball off them.  

You’ll then have to pass the ball backwards to your teammates and try to get it over the touchline to score a try. Each try will be worth one point.  

How to get involved  

If you’re interested in signing up as a team, you can book either Online or by calling 01202965012 The league costs £200 per squad of up to ten players.

**You can spread the cost amoungst the team, meaning only £20pp or maybe even do it through work and encourage your employer to cover the cost as a great opportunity to support team building and staff wellbeing.

Matches take place at Chapel Gate, located next to Bournemouth Airport. There is free parking available on site.  

If you have any questions, or would like more information, please email: [email protected]


The rules which we have put forward to guide the New Touch League are there to keep all participants safe while keeping the matches as free flowing and action-packed as possible. Have a read of the full document of these rules before we kick off. We cannot wait to get going!

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