Chloe Mulligan, BA (Hons) Business Studies, Virgin Media Intern Superstar of the Year 2016

Chloe worked as an insight analyst tracking and monitoring the performance of Virgin Media’s network, presenting findings and investigating potential cost and efficiency savings.
Why did you do a placement?

I loved the idea of a year out from studying to work and get some practical experience to add to my CV.

How have you benefitted from your placement?

I’ve started to truly understand what I do and don’t enjoy doing, and have seen the types of work done within different departments. I’d never had this insight without my placement.

My motivation to achieve has massively increased since working within a fast-paced corporate environment."

How has it helped you personally?

I’ve grown up a lot – I’d had real responsibilities at work and been relied on to produce on time. This increased my professionalism and organisational ability, which will be nothing but useful. My motivation to achieve has massively increased since working within a fast-paced corporate environment – this will only benefit me when heading back to BU for my final year studies.

Would you recommend doing a placement…

I’d 100% recommend you take the opportunity. The benefits are endless. They’ll put you in such a better position compared to someone without the same experience when applying for future job roles, especially graduate positions.

Advice for students on placements…

Remember to focus on what you want out of a placement year – as much as you’re there to do a job, you also need to enjoy it and develop yourself.

What’s the Intern Superstar of the Year award?

There’s only one intern award and there were 29 nominations, so it was really satisfying to be acknowledged on that level. I was nominated by my manager, my head of department and my director, so my achievements have been recognised all the way up the chain – it was really nice to have that appreciated.