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Develop lifelong passions


Your degree will teach you a lot, but there is so much more you can learn during your time at BU. From picking up a new sport, to mastering a new language, there are countless opportunities to expand your knowledge. 

Get ahead

Students talking in Student Centre

Awards and qualifications

Want to leave us with more than just your degree? These additional qualifications and awards can add a lot to your CV.

Students talking in Student Centre


Learning a new language can open so many doors - where will your language skills take you?

Student ambassador opportunities for Belong+

Student ambassador opportunities

Becoming a student ambassador is a great way to get involved in another side of life at BU, as well as to earn some extra money for helping promote the university.
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Furthering your learning discount

Why stop with an undergraduate degree when you can get some great discounts on postgraduate study at BU? When you're ready, check out all the exciting options for further learning.
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Learning tools

You should always get the right tools for the job in hand, and learning at university is no different. We can help you get the best software for your studies.