Punch your way to improved fitness on our Boxfit sessions.

Boxfit is a high intesity cardiovascular workout. It is based on the training used for boxing, looking at high fitness and toning the body.  

It’s an intense, full-body workout and as a result, is a great way to aid weight loss and body sculpting. It will also improve your flexibility and strengthen your core (among many more advantages).

Key information


Members: included in all SportBU membership packages

Non-members: £2.50 (BU*) / £3 (community)

*Applies to all BU and Arts University Bournemouth (AUB) students, staff, alumni and partner college students

Book via: Website

The SportBU fitness studio

A blue and red karate belt


Whether you’re a karate novice or you’ve practised karate before, this course is suitable for all levels. 



This course packs a serious punch with lots of high-energy cardio – great for your overall fitness and toning.