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Day 3: run 5km

Today’s challenge in the 14 Isolation Challenge is to run/ walk 5km!

This can be a real challenge for some, so always to remember to take some water with you to keep hydrated and take breaks if your body needs to! Also please remember to adhere to social distancing guidelines when you are in public!

You can record this by using a number of different apps such as starve or nike run! Let us know how you get on by using tagging us on Facebook or Instagram or using the hashtag #mysportbu

Day 4 Isolation Challenge

Day 4: try out a new healthy recipe

In Day 4 of the 14-day Isolation Challenge, we challenge you to try out a new healthy recipe! We have pulled together a healthy recipe for you to try or you can try one of your own!

Day 6: Isolation Challenge

Day 6: recreate a TikTok

On Day 6 of the 14-day Isolation Challenge, we challenge you to recreate your favourite TikTok video!

Isolation Challenge Day 7

Day 7: lower body circuit

We challenge you on day 7 of our 14-day Isolation Challenge to complete a lower body circuit! This circuit will include exercises for your lower body, for this all you need is a mat or towel and some weights if you have them.

Isolation Challenge Day 9

Day 9: try a stretching session

Our sports massage therapist Matt has put together a video of stretches which can be used to create a full-body session if you string together 10-12 stretches which you hold for 20-30 seconds each.