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Day 8: get creative

We are halfway through our 14-day Challenge!

On day 8 you are challenged to get creative - and this can be in any way you like. Such as painting, drawing, colouring, knitting, and lots more!

Remember to show us how you get on by tagging @sportbu on Facebook and Instagram also you can use the hashtag #mysportbu.

Isolation Challenge Day 9

Day 9: try a stretching session

Our sports massage therapist Matt has put together a video of stretches which can be used to create a full-body session if you string together 10-12 stretches which you hold for 20-30 seconds each.

Isolation Challenge Day 10

Day 10: learn a new game

On day 10 of our 14-day Isolation Challenge, we challenge you to learn a new game; this can be any card or board game of your choosing.

Isolation Challenge Day 11

Day 11: upper body

We challenge you on day 11th day of our 14-day Isolation Challenge to complete an upper body circuit.

Isolation Challenge Day 13

Day 13: try a full body session

We have put together clips of core exercises, stretching, and upper and lower body exercises which can be used to create a full-body workout.