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Welcome to the 2019/20 TeamBU season and version of The Huddle. The Huddle will hit your mailbox at the end of every week and will keep you up to date with everything TeamBU and Performance Sport at BU.

Weekly News

Hockey Cup Success!


Women’s Hockey 1st took a massive 15-0 win over Marjon 3 in the cup, with a hat-trick from Leah Wilkerson. The Men’s 1st also triumphed in their cup game, beating Marjon 1 in a dramatic penalty flick shoot out! Well done to both teams.

Women’s Volleyball Triumph!


BU Women’s Volleyball 1st beat rivals Essex in a nail-biting four set match. The team had the crowd on the edge of their seats when they dropped the 3rd set, however, the team clinched the win in a point to point 4th set. #TeamBU

Women’s Badminton Take Another Prem Win!


Women’s Badminton 1st take their 2nd Premier League win, beating Southampton 6-2. The newly promoted team have established themselves as a strong contender to not only remain in the league, but to be challenging some of the top institutions. #PremSouth

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