Dear Students,

Bournemouth University means a great deal to me and my fellow Board members. I’ve seen first-hand just how this university can change lives.

We are recruiting a new student member to our Board. The student member will be a full Board member and bring student engagement directly to the Board. This role is in addition to the SUBU President Board member.

Joining a board might seem a bit daunting but I can promise you a warm welcome and training and support to fulfil the role. It’s a rewarding way to help make decisions that really matter and you will have the support of a mentor at every step.

We want you to help us see the student perspective more clearly, adding your insight and expertise to ours, to work together for the good of all our students.

We would like to see applications from the full range of students at BU. The Board is committed to increasing diversity in all its forms. All that matters is that you care about BU as much as we do and that you want to be part of a team that helps us reach even greater heights.

We look forward to welcoming the successful candidate to their first Board meeting.

Richard Conder


Bournemouth University Board