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Global Challenges Research Fund

BU’s research in developing countries

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Our research shapes and changes the world around us, providing solutions to real-world problems and informing the education we deliver. Our students are a key part of the research we conduct, co-creating knowledge with us and playing a crucial role in everything that we do.

News and features

Fish in a tank

Protecting native fish species

Learn about the Centre for Ecology, Environment and Sustainability’s research into the effect of invasive species on ecosystems, native species and economies in the UK and beyond.
Mother holding hand of baby

Mothers, midwives and post-natal ‘blood’ loss

Research undertaken by former BU staff explores the prevention and early detection of secondary post-partum haemorrhage, which can result in chronic ill health and even the need for emergency medical care.

The use and abuse of tear gas

Learn about Dr Anna Feigenbaum's latest research on the use, and abuse, of tear gas around the world, particularly to pacify civilian protests.