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Why your feedback matters

Bournemouth University and your Student Union (SUBU) are committed to listening to your feedback to improve your experience and drive creativity, innovation and change at BU.

We have defined what our purpose is at BU - to inspire learning, advance knowledge and enrich society.  Inspiring learning is about more than excellent learning opportunities for all our students (although those are very important to us).  It is about the whole of BU being a learning community.  We will jointly create with our students the best learning experience that we can at BU by listening, hearing student voices with an open mind and responding and engaging actively.  I encourage all students to get involved so that we can learn from you as you learn with us."
John Vinney, Vice Chancellor, BU  

Student voice is so important at this union. Without it, decisions won’t be made with your best interests at heart. Working with BU means that we can represent you to the best of our ability in all aspects of your university experience. Without student voice, I never would have had the opportunity to be part of amazing campaigns and run for the position I'm in now."
Chiko Bwalya, Vice President Education    

 As a students' union, one of our key functions is listening to you, our students, and representing your views to both BU and SUBU. We do this so that you can help shape your university experience, and we rely on you to share your views with us on all aspects of your university life. SUBU are proud to have developed this joint Student Voice Framework wnith BU and I believe it shows how committed both organisations are to working in partnership to make your university experience the best it can be."
Samantha Leahy-Harland, SUBU Chief Executive Officer

Use your voice

Three students working together on a project around a computer monitor

We want to make sure that your voices are heard and acted on. By working together, we can be more effective at listening to, discussing and responding to your feedback. We work in partnership using a combination of channels to ensure individual, Student Representative, SUBU, and BU voices collectively enhance our community and bring about positive changes to our decision making, governance, quality assurance, enhancement, continuous improvement and strategy.

We encourage you to be an active collaborator in your university experience to develop confidence, improve your skills and reach your potential. Below are some of the channels you can use to get your voice heard at different stages of your study and research at BU.

Throughout your studies and research

Engaging with your wider community

At the end of your studies and research

BU surveys

BU surveys

Find out more about the surveys we will ask you to complete at key points during your studies.

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Share your feedback

Sharing your feedback helps both BU and SUBU to know what's important to you - find out how you can provide your feedback throughout the year.