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Explore a range of stories showcasing the many projects our research community is involved in. You can also read BU’s story so far to find out how our motto – to learn is to change – runs through everything we do across education, research, professional practice and public engagement.

BU researchers examining artificial rockpools in Poole Harbour

Artificial rock pools

Bournemouth University is investigating how artificial rockpools fixed to harbour walls can increase biodiversity by creating additional habitat for marine species.
Digital gambling

Hidden stories of online gamblers

A team of BU researchers are working on a number of projects around responsible gambling, helping to understand the extent of problems caused by excessive online gambling and driving policy and industry practice.
footprints Conversation article

The longest journey

The longest known trackway of human footprints has been uncovered, and tells the story of a parent’s journey through a slick mud surface with a toddler in their arms.
Stonehenge landscape

Stonehenge origins

BU has worked on projects at the UK’s most famous landmark, Stonehenge, for 25 years and has helped to unearth some of its mysteries.
BU academic Dr Sarah Hodge

Immersive Environments

BU academics are working across disciplines on a range of new projects that use digital perceptions of reality to inform, educate and inspire.
HMS Invincible

HMS Invincible excavation

The first HMS Invincible, captured from the French in 1747 and sunk off the coast of the Solent in 1758, has been excavated by archaeologists and divers from BU and the Marine Archaeology Sea Trust (MAST).
Landscapes on the Cusp of the Real and the Fantastic: Corfe Castle by Rehan Zia

Landscapes on the Cusp of the Real & the Fantastic

Landscapes on the Cusp of the Real & the Fantastic is a multi-shot, blended photography exhibition that allows for the capture of greater detail in a single photograph to enhance the image and show detail beyond what the naked eye alone can perceive.
Sumatran elephants

Sumatran Elephant Conservation

As part of a Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) project, researchers and students from Bournemouth University and the University of Syiah Kuala (Banda Aceh, Indonesia) have been studying the many facets of human-wildlife conflict in northern Indonesia (Aceh and North Sumatra) with the aim of identifying potential solutions.
Global Challenges Myanmar

Green Shoots Shared

Read about a project aiming to reinvent the higher education curriculum for social and community workers in Myanmar.
MAAR - Indian girls group

Media Action Against Rape

BU academics are leading the way to improving the integrity of sexual violence coverage in Indian news media.