Dear Chair of the Board Applicant,

I am delighted that you are interested in becoming the next Chair of the BU Board. I hope that you find all the information you need in the candidate pack and on our microsite to encourage you to submit an application.

Community is important to us at BU and it is essential that we attract applicants from diverse backgrounds and with a range of experiences, so that our governance structure reflects our varied community of students, staff and other stakeholders.

Of course the Chair, along with the other members of the Board, plays a vital role in governance, challenge and oversight, a role which has become increasingly recognised and regulated over the last few years. But as well as taking on these important responsibilities, the Chair is expected to bring their wider experience and perspectives to the role; helping the University to develop its strategy and acting as a team-builder and mediator for the Board.

As well as the formal Board and Committee meetings, the Chair is expected to represent the Board internally and will interact with staff and students at events across the year. The Chair welcomes guests at our annual VC staff awards, at our graduation ceremonies, and other events, both virtual and face to face. These events provide an insight into what we really do, and what we are really like, at BU. The Chair is also expected to represent the Board and BU externally, such as at fundraising events with other BU senior officers and staff.

You will have read about our BU2025 strategic plan and the key concept of Fusion, which is so important to us at BU. We hope that the Chair also experiences Fusion during their time at BU, by contributing to our knowledge and our practice and learning about us and how we operate.

I hope you will consider joining this important team, to help us as we inspire education, advance knowledge and enrich society.