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History, Politics and Social Sciences

Explore History, Politics and Social Sciences

If you’re interested in opening up a broad range of career possibilities and understanding more about how society functions - studying history, politics or a social science might just be the subject area for you.

History & Politics

History and Politics degrees are widely recognised as providing key skills and qualities that employers really value. Solving questions and challenges facing our world today through the analysis and evaluation of large quantities of information and working both collaboratively and independently are all great skills to have.

History students going through files

Why study history?

Four BU history lecturers tell us why they chose to study History at university, how they have put their degree to use and what role history plays in contemporary society.
Amy, a Politics student, discussing her course

Why I chose to study Politics

BU student Amy tells us why she chose to study politics and how this has provided additional opportunities to learn more about related subjects such as media and journalism.

Political history documentary and tasks: Deterrence

Deterrence is a documentary, co-created by BU staff and students, that considers the past, present and future role of NATO in European security. 

Get a taste of studying political and historical themes, and test your knowledge through the tasks.

Visit the Deterrence site

History taster lectures

A good history student is open to discovering new areas of historical study. This lecture series, by BU academic Dr Laura Ramsay, introduces you to a historical topic you may not have come across before - ‘cultural revolution in post-war Britain, i.e. the ‘Swinging Sixties’.

Laura will guide you through three stages of investigating this topic. Watch the lectures at your own pace, gain an insight into this new topic, and test your skills by having a go at the quiz questions.

Sociology, Social Anthropology & Criminology

Current BU students and staff share their thoughts and experiences about what you can gain by studying a social sciences degree. They talk about the differences between the subject areas and possible careers you can pursue. They also provide some valuable insights in what it’s like to study a social sciences degree, to help you decide if this subject area is for you. Find out more about our social sciences courses.

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History, Politics & Social Sciences

Develop your understanding of human social relationships and institutions through our range of History, Politics, Anthropology and Social Science degrees.

Monty, Georgina and Jessica, BU bloggers

Get prepared for university

University may not be right for everyone but the potential benefits, opportunities and rewards are endless. Hear from some of our current BU students as they share their personal stories and insights into the transition from school/college to university.