Bournemouth University has been running the Independent & Supplementary Prescribing course since 2002. We have specialist lecturers who all hold the V300 (Independent and Supplementary Prescribing) qualification and are active prescribers in clinical practice.

This course is currently offered to nurses, midwives, physiotherapists, paramedics, therapeutic radiographers and podiatrists. Supplementary prescribing is offered for radiographers and dieticians. The aim is to prepare eligible Registered Healthcare Professionals to prescribe safely, appropriately, and competently. In doing so you will be required to evaluate the evidence underlining the practice of prescribing, critically reflect on your competency in respect of prescribing and evidence knowledge of the products you will prescribe.

This course requires 100% attendance.

This course has multiple levels. To find out more and apply, click on the green ‘Apply Now’ button to go our CPD application portal, and search for this course.