Conferences, exhibitions and showcases

Conferences, exhibitions and showcases

The 13th Annual Postgraduate Research Conference 

On Wednesday 1 December 2021, the Docotral College hosted the 13th Annual PGR Conference. I hope everyone who was able to attend had a great day, you can still view the poster exhibition and some pre-recorded presentations below. 

Congratulations to all our speakers, it was a hugely insightful day, with lots of great questions and connections developed throughout the conference.

You can check out some of the conference highlights on twitter #BUPGRConf21 and #BUDoctoralCollege.

The conference is a great opportunity for postgraduate researcher to showcase and promote your research to the BU community whether you have just started or are approaching the end of your journey at BU. Attending the conference is a great opportunity to engage and network with your fellow PGRs and find out more about the exciting and fascinating research that is happening across BU.

Recorded presentations

Anna Marsh (MRes, FHSS): Midwives and social media: friend request declined?

Dennis Seaman (PhD, BUBS): The corporate governance effects of the audit committee informal process: Investigating practice in an emerging economy. 

Hina Tariq (PhD, FHSS): Development and content validation of contracture assessment screening tool.

Rushan Arshad (PhD, FST): Towards the development of a simulation framework for collaborative process in context of industry 4.0.

Virtual poster exhibition

Abier Hamidi (PhD, FHSS): HIV epidemic in Libya: Identifying gaps.

Ceyda Kiyak (MRes, FST): Minimising online gambling related harm through persuasive technologies.

Daniel Dimanov (PhD, FST): MONCAE: Multi-Objective Neuroevolution of Convolutional Autoencoders.

Elie Charabieh (PhD, FST): Recidivism risk factors in Lebanese prisoners.

Faisal Alsubaie (PhD, BUBS): The effect of cultural tightness-looseness on tourism destination choice for Western Europeans: Evidence from Saudi Arabia.

Hayden Scott-Pratt (PhD, FST) and Sigrid Osborne (MRes, FST): Unlikely allies: Combining archaeobotanical and metallurgical material in archaeological research. An example from the Iron Age settlement at Hengistbury Head.

Iram Bibi (PhD, FST): Reliability, validity, and feasibility of a generic quality of life scale for use directly with community dwelling older people with dementia.

Jack Wieland (PhD, FST): Investigating the Role of Microsatellite Instability in Reproduction | Audio recording

Jordan King (MRes, FST): Exploring nostalgic experiences in video games.

Joseph McMullen (PhD, FST): Particulate matter: Regulating an invisible killer.

Kazeem Balogun (PhD, FST): Overview of blackblaze HDD analysis for predictive maintenance.

Liz Bailey (PhD, FMC): Is history repeating itself?

Maureen Kehinde (PhD, BUBS): A qualitative inquiry investigation of policy-practice decoupling factors of Environmental sustainability in universities: a case study of North-East Scottish universities.

Megan Jadzinski (PhD, FHSS): How are Fitness to Practise processes applied in the Higher Education Institutions, in relation to Health and Care Profession Council or Nursing and Midwifery Council healthcare courses?

Mirte Korpershoek (PhD FST): Rock art as an environmental archive.

Nurudeen Adesina (PhD, FHSS): Effectiveness and Usability of Digital Tools to Support Dietary Self-management of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus: A Systematic Review.

Omowonuola Okunnu (PhD, FMC): A comparative study of the interconnectedness of religion and politics in Northern and Southern Nigeria: The role of literacy level.

Penny Wells (PhD, FMC): How people relate to environmental disaster in contemporary literature; an ecocritical approach.

Rabeea Maqsood (PhD, FHSS): The association between Combat Related Traumatic Injury and Heart Rate Variability in the UK Armed Forces Personnel and Veterans- a quantitative secondary data analysis of the ADVANCE study.

Rosie Harper (PhD, FHSS):Nudging: a theoretical concept for a very practical approach to pelvic floor muscle training.

Samantha Everard (MRes, FHSS): How do people with multiple disabilities experience, engage with and participate in self-employment support.

Shel Smith (PhD, FHSS): Does motorcyclists’ identification, perception, and knowledge towards risk change regarding their motorcycling qualifications and experience?

Sitsada Sartamorn (PhD, BUBS): Hybrid social media marketing; How metaverse and other cutting-edge technologies impact on consumer experiences by reducing borders between real and virtual space in Thai organic food market.

Taalia Nadeem (PhD, BUBS): Understanding the social representation of uncrewed aerial vehicles (UAVs): how public and stakeholder views empower or constrain pathways to adoption.

Zhiqi Li (PhD, FMC): Deep learning for scene flow estimation: methods and applications.

This Virtual Showcase and Annual PGR Conference is organised and run by the Doctoral College.
Enquiries to: Natalie Stewart (Research Skills & Development Officer) - [email protected]