The 14th Annual Postgraduate Research Conference 

On Wednesday 30 November 2022, the Doctoral College will host our 14th Annual Postgraduate Research Conference. 

The conference is an opportunity for all postgraduate researchers at Bournemouth University to share their research using a variety of methods, across a range of platforms. Attending the conference is a great opportunity to engage and network with fellow PGRs and to find out more about the fascinating research taking place across BU. 

The poster exhibition will take place in the Fusion Building at Bournemouth University on Wednesday 30 November, you can also view the posters below and some pre-recorded presentations. All oral presentations will be hosted online with a campus screening. 

Virtual Exhibition

Alice Brown (PhD, FHSS): School readiness prediction in children who revived hypothermia treatment for hypoxic ischaemic encephalopathy: sensory processing, behaviour profiles and neuroimaging data.

Ariella Thompson (PhD, FHSS): Exploring how people with type 1 diabetes and disordered eating (T1DE) experience diabetes communication.

Aziean Binti Jamin (PhD, BUBS): Extending the Theory of Planned Behaviour (TPB) to promote work inclusion behaviour in disability employment.

Belinda Stuebinger (PhD, FMC): The Evolution of the Serial Killer Archetype in Contemporary Fiction.

Berkan Oztas (PhD, FST): Using Machine Learning to Enhance Transaction Monitoring Controls in Anti-Money Laundering. 

Bohan Liu (PhD, BUBS): Exploring one-child generation Chinese female’s meaning and intention of travel: from the perspective of culture and gender.

Caterina Franzon (PhD, FST): Do young adults consume dairy in the UK? Focus groups and interviews to explore reasons for dairy consumption.

Cathy Beresford (PhD, FHSS): The experiences of people with liver disease of end-of-life care.

Chirag Ratwani (PhD, FST): Surface engineering of transition metal dichalcogenides for self-healing hydrogels.

Chloe Casey (PhD, FHSS): Supporting postgraduate researchers’ mental health and wellbeing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Daniel Dimanov (PhD, FST): MIRA-ME: Muli-ObjectIve CoReset Discovery through EvolutionAry  AlgorithMs in ComputEr vision.

Danielle Guy (PhD, FST): Healthy sustainable eating: Public perceptions and understanding.

Emilija Strelcenia (PhD, FST): A Novel Machine Learning Method for Credit Card Fraud Detection.

Hadeel Alhatamleh (PhD, FHSS): How effective are the interventions designed to improve end-of-life care for hospital in patients with dementia?: a systematic review

Helen Allen (PhD, FHSS): "If I only knew then what I know now …” Reflections of a second year PhD student exploring the lived experiences of women who have been detained under the Mental Health Act whilst experiencing postpartum psychosis.

Jack Wieland (PhD, FST): Genomic Instability and the link to infertility: A focus on microsatellites and genomic instability syndromes.

Jasmine McCain (MRes, FST): Exploring the Psychological Dimensions of Social-Engineering.

Joseph Udo (PhD, FST): Risk Driven Security Framework for Autonomous Robots.

Kate Rattley (PhD, FHSS): Exploring validity of predictive protocols for VO2 max in women during and after menopause.

Lily Hill (PhD, FST): The Trajectory of Rape and Serious Sexual Offences.

Liz Bailey (PhD, FMC): Once upon a time in Copyright.

Maria Alexandra Sandoval (PhD, FST): Molten salts electrochemical conversion of tyres recycling waste to advanced materials for high-temperature energy storage system.

Niranjala Fernando (PhD, FST): The mobility revolution: Next-generation Li-ion battery materials.

Paula Shepherd (PhD, FHSS): Appreciating the Registered Nurse Degree Experience.

Rama Permana (PhD, BUBS): Exploring Factors Shaping Tourists Mobility in the Global South – Case Study: Bali.

Samantha Everard (PhD, FHSS): This is a research study of how people with multiple disabilities choose self-employment as an option, and their experiences of formal self-employment support.

Samira Al-Nasser (PhD, FST): Deep Learning for Load Sensing Devices.

Sara Stride (PhD, FHSS): A systematic review to explore whether organisational support is offered to midwives when women sustain severe perineal tears during birth.

Sarah Morton (PhD, FHSS): “Jabs Army” The challenge of selecting routes to recruit participants as part of a phenomenological study.

Sheila Breeze (PhD, FST): Understanding hand dexterity in two Hominin species: A key to success in Homo sapiens?

Sophie Willis (MRes, FST): Detecting and defining immunity to cytomegalovirus (CMV) in allo-HSCT patients; combining CMV QuantiFERON and flow cytometry to predict CMV infection risk.

Stuart McNally (PhD, FMC): The sound of dramatic reconstructions in documentary-drama.

Toby Denholm-Smith (MRes, FST): The first meta-analysis investigating the physical overlap between emotion and reward processing as motivational factors.

Tuba Aydin (PhD, FST): Investigation of social media platform preferences depending on who they contacted.

This Virtual Showcase and Annual PGR Conference is organised and run by the Doctoral College.
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