Meeting the conditions of your offer

We receive the majority of our applicants’ results from UCAS when they are released by the UK exam boards, but you should see if your results will be sent to us by checking the qualifications list on the UCAS website.

If your qualifications are listed, UCAS will tell us automatically and we will be able to make a decision on your offer. If your qualifications are not listed you will need to send them to our Admissions Team at [email protected] before we can make a decision on your offer*.

International Students

If your qualifications are not listed on the UCAS website, you need to upload your documents to myHub and then email us to inform them of this action.  

If your certificates are not in English then you will be required to send us official English translations as well as your original documents.

When we’ve received your results

Once we have received your results and made a decision about your offer, we will update your application status on UCAS Hub.

Important: If you do not meet the criteria of your original offer, we may still offer you a place. We will review your whole application and consider all academic qualifications (including those not in the offer) and the rest of the application to see if you have the academic potential to succeed on the course. If we feel the answer is yes, we will still confirm your place.
  • If your application status shows as unconditional firm (UF), you’ve got a place at BU! If you are successful in securing your place at BU we will also contact you by email to confirm your place on your chosen course, along with lots of useful information to help you get ready for the start of term. Don’t forget to add the domain to your safe senders list to ensure all our emails get through to you. 
  • All International students must ensure they have cleared all their actions within myHub.
  • If your application status is still conditional firm (CF) it means we haven’t received all the information we need to confirm your place – for example, your qualifications haven’t been automatically updated by UCAS or your offer may have conditions to provide additional information, such as GCSE certificates. You should send copies to your our Admissions Team at [email protected] as soon as possible (you will only have to provide originals when you enrol). If you are unsure what is missing from your application, please contact our Admissions Team at [email protected]
  • If your application status is rejected (REJ), unfortunately we haven’t been able to accept you on to the course. UCAS will confirm this with you, and automatically enter you into Clearing.

If you require a Student visa our International Admissions Team (IAT) will issue your CAS once all of your actions have been cleared in myHub. Please upload any outstanding documents as soon as possible, or email them to [email protected]  Please note we cannot issue your CAS until all actions are cleared.

We’ll be in touch by email with information to help you prepare for your arrival at BU so please make sure you add the domain to your safe senders list to ensure all our emails get through to you.

*Any results sent to the university must be a photocopy of an official letter from your school or college and must clearly state your final grades. If you are studying a BTEC, your SRF (student report form) is not acceptable. Please note your original certificates must be shown at enrolment.