Our students know how stressful it can be when preparing for exams and coursework. Here’s some useful advice on improving your studies skills and find out what could work for you.

Sam’s top places to escape exam stress

The pressure is on to start revising for your summer exams and Sam has put together some tips on the best places to escape from exam stress in Bournemouth.

Emma’s tips on healthy eating

BA (Hons) Scriptwriting for Film and Television student Emma, provides a list of different healthy options for you to explore to help give you a boost during your studies.

Emma Reynolds

"I’m going to give you guys a list of foods which you can eat whilst studying to keep your brain power up but also to help you concentrate whilst revising”

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Dom’s top study tips

BSc (Hons) Marketing graduate Dom, talks you through some useful study techniques he found worked for him when he was revising for exams and helping other students in his role as a PAL (Peer Assisted Learning) or mentor at BU.

Leyan’s best ways to stay fit

BA (Hons) Multimedia Journalism student Leyan enjoys staying fit and active while studying, so she has given us her thoughts on where to do some exercise in Bournemouth.

Stay fit at BU

"So what is the best way to keep fit? I’ve rounded up a variety of ways you can stay active in Bournemouth even if you’re on a budget.”

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Corey's helpful hints to stay motivated

BA (Hons) Business Studies student Corey shares his advice on staying motivated during your studies.

Corey Kemp

"I believed I had the ability to get marks from every question and that approach helped me to achieve the grades I wanted”

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Leyan’s stress reducing tips

Being prepared and starting early can reduce anxiety and make you feel more confident and in control. Leyan tells us how she found ways to exam success.

Leyan Yucel

"By properly preparing for your exams you can have more confidence in yourself and eliminate those feelings of stress”

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