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Our Mission

To inspire and broaden the aspirations of young people, enhancing lifelong skills and confidence supporting them to achieve their potential. To be a conduit for engagement with BU and the wider community

Overview of  the programme

Coach BU (formerly RELAYS) is open to all BU students and aims to enhance personal and professional skill sets to help support the transition from education to employment, becoming confident coaches, organisers, administrator's and leaders. It might begin with sports coaching, but it builds into a legacy that is so much more.

The opportunities offered are volunteer based, students are able to record their volunteer hours towards a Personal Professional Development (PPD) honorarium, recorded hours can be exchanged for monetary support towards industry related qualifications. We provide a wide range of opportunities within our network; placements on offer could include coaching, officiating, events, health & wellbeing, media and community support.

September 2019- March 2020

PPD Honorariums awarded to BU Students
The number of BU Ambassadors and volunteers involved in the programme
The number of school community events supported

Where it all began

The RELAYS project was a collaboration project between South West Universities, born prior to the London 2012 Olympic Games, with the aim of inspiring and upskilling young people through and in the areas of sport, music and the arts.

BU, alongside other UK universities from across the South West, launched a series of student-led sporting opportunities (in the form of activities and events), giving BU student’s the opportunity to experience a cultural legacy culminating with attendance and participation at the 2012 Olympic water sports programme.

Defining Employability

One of the challenges and key themes within Higher Education is to develop student readiness for the work place. Employability differs from the actions required to obtain employment, such as interview skills, C.V writing and job searching.

The ever changing labour market highlights the challenges facing students, being able to graduate with lifelong experience’s, the confidence to move into the graduate market are equally as important as the academic qualification.

We must ask ourselves what can BU do to help you develop readiness for the work place, but equally you must ask yourself what you can do to help yourself. How do you as an undergraduate, develop the skills required to secure the roles you desire post-graduation?

Find out about more SportBU community activities

SportBU kids camps

Kids’ holiday camps

Our Kids’ Holiday Camps, available for children aged 8–14 years old are packed full of different sports and games.

Children playing football

Super Saturdays

Our ‘Super Saturdays’ programme is designed to keep kids aged 5-14 active in a fun and engaging way by introducing them to a range of sports.

Our action-packed Neon Nerf Wars party sees children running and ducking for cover as they battle their way through the tunnels, camo nets and obstacles.

SportBU kids’ parties

Our kids’ parties are a brilliant way to celebrate your child’s special day. We offer a range of parties including General Sports (where kids enjoy a selection of sports), through to Neon Nerf Wars, magic shows and more.