We know that you want to hear about BU from the people who really matter – our current students and graduates. You can read profiles of our current Finnish students and graduates below, we’ll let them do the rest of the talking!

Anna Höynälänmaa
BSc Environmental Protection (2006/07 - 2009/10)

I applied to Bournemouth University in 2006 to study environmental sciences. I had graduated from college two years earlier and had spent that time volunteering and travelling. Therefore my reason for the choice was partly because I wanted more international work and study experience but also because the practical and workplace-oriented courses at Bournemouth appealed to me.

These have really also proved to be some of the best parts of my experience as a BU student. After my first year I completed my placement in Ecuador as a part of a research team and after my second year I extended my six week placement and spent a year working in Italy.

Not all my good experiences have been aboard though. My best memories of Bournemouth itself are of the sunny spring days when all the students head to the beach for a barbeque or lie on the grass in the parks.

Looking forward to those days is sometimes the thing that gives me the motivation to sit in the library during the cold, dark winter days.

As this is my last year, these winter days are the last ones I will have here. I have already sent my applications for Masters courses in universities around Europe, so this time next year I might just find myself looking out of the windows of another library somewhere else!

How would you sum up your experience in one sentence?

These four years have been full of happy, sad, difficult and fun moments, and it’s hard to believe it has gone by so fast.