We know that you want to hear about BU from the people who really matter – our current students and graduates. You can read profiles of our current Japanese students and graduates below, we’ll let them do the rest of the talking!

Chiharu Morimoto
MSc Tourism Masters Framework

After working at a hotel for four years in my hometown, I wanted a change to step up in my career. Working overseas has been always something that I wanted to do, so I chose a course at BU with a work placement option! Luckily, I got to know an international officer from BU, who is in charge of recruiting students from Asia. With his great help, many of my questions were answered when applying to BU.

I have just finished the first term, but I would emphasize that time management is the key to success! Lectures challenged students with questions of "so what?" "what does it mean?" which encouraged students to look at factors critically throughout units. This was one of many things I had not really experienced at my previous university, so I enjoyed the difference.

The best thing about my course would be the diversity in the classroom. Surprisingly, there were over 100 students in one lecture, and the majority of them were international. It was such fun to meet new people with various experiences, different cultures and mind-sets from all over the world!

As for the outside of the academic study, I am trying to visit as many places as possible. BU occasionally has school trips, so there is no way to miss out to join with friends and see beautiful landscapes and towns, and learn the history behind!

The best thing about Bournemouth would be the breeziness that perhaps comes from the beach, lots of trees and grass in the town and the relaxing atmosphere that people make here. Especially the summer here is lovely. The weather and food are not my major concerns!!

Overall, I am loving here! I would like to work in the public sector after my studies, but hopefully I can gain a valuable experience during the placement year, and let's see where this whole experience here takes me!