myHub and tracking your application

It is important that you access and log in to myHub regularly for information and communication about your application.

myHub is BU's online portal for anyone who has applied to the university. This is where all the details about your application are kept and updated, so you can track the progress of your application as well as communicate with our International Admissions Team.

The login details to your myHub account are sent to you via email soon after your application has been received. If you cannot remember your login details, contact our IT Service Desk on +44 (0)1202 965515 or via the IT Services website. You will need to provide your 7-digit student ID which can be found in your offer letter.

Meeting the conditions of your offer

If you receive a Conditional offer, the offer letter sent to you via email highlights the conditions you have to meet in order to be accepted on your course. Refer to your offer letter and check your myHub account to find a list of your offer conditions and outstanding actions. Once you meet the offer conditions, please upload your relevant documents directly to your myHub account. If your offer is not updated within 4 weeks of providing your documents please contact us via our International Admissions Enquiry Form.

Accepting your offer

All offer holders

To accept your offer and secure your place on the course, you must log in to your account on myHub and firmly accept your offer.

International offer holders

As well as firmly accepting your offer, you must reserve your place on the course by paying a tuition fee deposit. The deposit payment deadline is specified in your offer letter. This date is usually on 1 June for a September course start and 1 November if your course starts the following January. We will not withdraw your offer if you are unable to pay your deposit by the stated deadline however your place on the course will not be secured until the deposit payment is received and we will not be able to issue your CAS without which you can not apply for your Student visa. We usually stop issuing CAS between 4-6 weeks prior to your course start date and depending on the visa processing times in the country you are applying for your Student visa from. We would therefore advice you not to delay the process.


From Tuesday 28 November 2023, all applicants whose offer status is Conditional Firm (CF) or Unconditional Firm (UF) will be invited to login to the accommodation portal to register their interest in BU accommodation (Stage 1). From Tuesday 2 April 2024, so long as you have completed Stage 1 and meet the terms of the accommodation guarantee, you'll be able to complete Stage 2, where you choose and book your room for September 2024. Visit this page for more information. It is important to know that you won’t be able to confirm your accommodation with BU until you accept your offer by paying the tuition fee deposit. We advise you to book accommodation as early as possible in order to improve your chances of selecting the room that best suits your needs.

Uploading all the requested documents to myHub

When you start the application process you should submit a completed application including all the required supporting documents, this will help us to make the right decision on your application. However any documents missing will be listed as outstanding actions and should be completed by you as soon as possible. You can see your offer conditions on your offer letter, and any outstanding actions will be listed on your myHub account.  

They could include any of the following:

  • A legible copy of a valid passport
  • Copy of your final certificate, if completed your studies (if the final certificate is not in English both the original and the translation will need to be provided)
  • Copy of your final transcripts or most recent transcripts if studies ongoing (if the final transcripts are not in English both the original and the translation will need to be provided)
  • Copy of IELTS certificate or an alternative recognised English language qualification
  • Academic and/or professional references
  • Personal statement visit our application tips webpage for useful hints and advice.
  • Confirmation of any previous UK study
  • Copy of any previous UK visas
  • Portfolio (if required as part of the application)
  • Please make sure you complete the agent tagging process if you are applying through an agent. 

Feel free to make use of our handy checklist to keep on top of what documents you need to submit. 

CAS and Student visa application

The Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies (CAS) is a document you will need in order to apply for your Student Route visa. This is issued by the university to the applicant.

We typically start issuing CAS from six months prior to your course start and will do so from 01 May 2024 for September 2024 entry and October 2024 for January 2025 entry.

To ensure you obtain your CAS in time for your visa application, you must clear all pending actions on your account in myHub, firmly accept your offer and pay your deposit by the deadline specified in your offer letter.

How to get in touch for queries about your application

For queries specific to your application or offer please complete our International Admissions Enquiry Form and a member of the team will get in touch.

We also hold Q&A sessions for applicants where you can ask questions about your application, visa and much more. 

You can also watch, read and discover more information about life in Bournemouth and hear advice from our current students. 

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