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Career development

When you're considering postgraduate study, you may be wondering how much of an edge a Master's degree will give you. Employers want people with specialist knowledge and while an undergraduate degree is a great starting point, a postgraduate qualification will make you stand out when you go for those specialised roles. Many employers also realise that an employee with a postgraduate degree has a lot they can teach their colleagues, as well as new ideas for their organisation.

We believe that, as well as enhancing your academic qualifications, university should prepare you for the world of work no matter what level you're studying at. As a result, we will encourage you to take as many development opportunities as possible while studying at BU to enhance your specific skills and knowledge. This focus on employability is one of the reasons why our graduates succeed when they leave us and why 91% of all BU graduates are in work or further study six months after graduating (2017/18 Graduate Outcomes survey).

Global Talent Programme 

Our Global Talent Programme enables you to develop future-ready skills that will open up opportunities around the world. You’ll be encouraged to think and act locally, nationally and internationally, nurturing the mindset to benefit from global possibilities.

The programme is designed to:

  • Develop your understanding of global economic, environmental and societal themes – and the concept of global talent
  • Provide international experience through global communities and campus events
  • Build your future-proof global skillset through immersion in international practice.


Volunteering is a fantastic way to do something a bit different and we encourage you to get involved in a cause you care about. It’s not only a rewarding experience, but will also improve your CV and give you great stories to share at your job interview. Volunteering also gives you the opportunity to establish a network of contacts, which could be beneficial when looking for a job after your studies.

Our Students’ Union (SUBU) works with over 200 organisations that all need help. You can choose the one you like and get involved to make a difference.

Careers support

You can use the Careers & Employability Service up to three years after you graduate. Our team of experts can help you prepare your CV, give you tips on writing a covering letter and run practice interviews with you, as well as help you find suitable vacancies to apply for.

Hear from our graduates

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Vidyut is an MA Broadcast & Film Management graduate, who is now Vice President for the Content Studio at Worldwide Media 

Lilliam Negrette, BU alumna

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From Colombia to BU, Lilliam is now building a new career in Canada

Daisie Hutchinson

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Daisie is an MSc Investigative Forensic Psychology graduate who now works for the Office for National Statistics