Postgraduate Disaster Management courses

Bournemouth University Disaster Management Centre has an international reputation for excellence in the provision of disaster management education, training and technical assistance.

BU’s Disaster Management Centre (BUDMC) has been delivering education in this highly specialised field for a number of years, and our experienced academic staff have decades of experience in education, research and practice. We work with governments, international aid agencies and multi-national businesses and we’re proud of the practical nature of the research, training and consultancy we deliver.

Preparing for and managing disasters is an extremely high-pressured environment. Drawing upon the experience of national governments around the world, we foster global best practice and develop cohesion between government departments, emergency services, the military, tourism, aid agencies and more.

As well as our postgraduate degree, BU’s Disaster Management Centre also delivers bespoke training and consultancy for organisations and governments around the world, helping them build resilience as well as establishing protocols for handling a wide variety of disaster management scenarios. BUDMC conducts internationally recognised innovative research contributing fresh ideas and critical findings to crisis and disaster management across the world.

That means we can draw on real-world experience and real-life scenarios to help develop your learning, providing an unparalleled insight into preparing for, and managing through, crises and disasters.

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Disaster Management Centre

Bournemouth University’s Disaster Management Centre (BUDMC) has garnered decades of experience in education, research and professional practice.

Tackling global disasters to reduce risks, build resilience and ensure recovery

Tackling global disasters to reduce risks, build resilience and ensure recovery

Disasters and crises can involve human, material, economic and environmental loss, whether natural or as a result of human activity. Richard Gordon, Director of BUDMC, on delivering executive disaster management training to senior government ministers and their representatives, including key military appointments and overseas delegations.