Politics is about the ways people living in groups make decisions. It’s ultimately about people, power and the processes – and institutions – that govern us. The focus of our courses in this area is very much on understanding contemporary politics and how and why we make the political decisions we do.

Our academic team has wide-ranging expertise, grounded in years of research within fields such as political psychology, voter behaviour, international relations and political campaigning. We have cultivated links with research institutions and universities across the globe, from Massachusetts and Prague to Bogota and Auckland.

The team also enjoys extensive connections with a range of political organisations, including the UK House of Lords, the European Parliament, the Thai Chamber of Commerce, and local, national and international pressure groups, charities and communication consultancies.

The academic team delivering these courses is as knowledgeable as it is well-connected, and have published a number of books on political matters – and they are passionate about passing on their expertise to you.

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