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MA Social Work bursary

If you are planning to study the MA Social Work at BU, you may be eligible for a postgraduate bursary during your study.

A postgraduate social work bursary is:

  • awarded to eligible students
  • available to both part-time and full-time students
  • a grant not a loan
  • made up of a non-means tested basic grant and a means-tested maintenance grant

These bursaries don’t need to be paid back, and are awarded in recognition of the fact that you are expected to undertake hands-on placements, limiting your ability to get a part-time job.

Each year, NHS bursaries publish ‘Your guide to social work bursaries’. You can access the latest version via the NHS bursaries website. The guide explains how to apply for a bursary, payment amounts, residency and eligibility. It includes timeframes for applications, decisions and payments.

Please note that if you are successful in your application for the MA Social Work Bursary you will not then be eligible for the postgraduate loan in addition.

The information for 2022/23 entry is not yet available. The figures below are for students starting in September 2021. 

The final application deadline for all 2021/22 Social Work Bursary applications was 31 May 2021.

If you are planning to study the BA (Hons) Social Work, please view information relevant to the BA (Hons) bursary.