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Clearing Student Stories

“I’m loving Bournemouth.”

Watch Ebony’s Clearing Story

Clearing – as told by our students

Finding your place at university through Clearing or Adjustment is a different experience for everyone – whether it’s something you’ve been planning on for a while or a decision you make on results day. That’s why we asked students to share their Clearing stories.

What if you already know your firm choice isn’t for you?

You’re not alone. That’s exactly what happened to BA (Hons) Communication & Media student Remi, who’s now loving her course at BU.

Remi, a BU student

“Getting my place at Bournemouth University through Clearing was a great ending to what began as a very stressful day. Prior to receiving my A-level results I’d already decided the course and university I’d originally applied for via UCAS wasn’t for me.”

Read more about Remi’s Clearing story or find a place in Clearing

How do you deal with a bad start to results day?

Finance and Business student Grace woke up to find out she hadn’t got in to her firm or insurance choices, but after to speaking to BU, she found her match in Clearing.

What if you suspect your results won’t be as good as you’d hoped?

BSc (Hons) Games Technology graduate Ben knew his exams hadn’t gone as well as he’d have liked, but through Clearing he didn’t just find a place – he grabbed the opportunity to take his studies and career in a completely new direction.

Ben Russell, BU student

“My advice for any students who are feeling nervous about Clearing is to make a back-up plan regardless of how well your exams went, and to make choices based on what you really enjoy.”

Ben Russell, BU student. Find out more about Ben’s Clearing story or find a place in Clearing

What if you’re worried about facing more application stress?

Don’t be put off. Clearing might seem like a daunting option if you’ve already been through the application process once – but Forensic Science student Shaay’s story shows what you can achieve with some perseverance.

Does joining through Clearing make any difference to your overall uni experience?

In a word, no. LLB (Hons) Law student Paige hadn’t expected to go through Clearing, but it was an opportunity she says she was completely grateful for when she did.

Paige Gregory, BU student

“I have had an absolute blast at BU, have made wonderful lifelong friends and gained invaluable experience because of the placement year – and I still would have gained all of this if I attended BU as my firm or insurance choice.”

Paige Gregory, LLB (Hons) Law student. Find out about our Law courses in Clearing.

What emotions do you feel when you’re in Clearing?

Psychology student Betty and English student Lily run through their Clearing experiences and the emotions that come with it!

Are there any benefits to Clearing?

There are indeed. You may even find yourself exploring different opportunities that take you in a new, exciting direction  just as Catherine did when she switched her focus from Nursing to Nutrition.

Catherine Ojechi, BU student

“I’m glad I went through Clearing because it allowed me to speak to a Nutrition student and opened my eyes to a completely new path. Today I absolutely love the course, it has really given me sense of purpose.”

Catherine Ojechi, BA (Hons) Nutrition student. Find out about our Health & Social Care courses in Clearing.

What did you learn through the process?

Anthropology student Nura says that Clearing can make you more driven and committed to making the most of opportunities that come your way, and that it’s made her a stronger person.

What would you tell people calling universities after they’ve got their results?

Remember that you’re looking for the right choice for you, and that you have something to offer to the university, says Psychology student Sorcha. 

Sorcha Homer, BU student

“This is a chance for you to sit back, reflect, and considering you’ve passed your A-levels, sell yourself to universities. Don’t forget that they want to fill spaces, and if you have the grades, they want you there in September starting your degree.”

Sorcha Homer, BSc (Hons) Psychology. Find out about our Science courses in Clearing.

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