Why study Medical Sciences at BU?

  • Develop the skills to work in a wide variety of environments: Develop the social, practical and communication skills to work in wet-laboratories, multidisciplinary teams, biomedical engineering, biopsychosocial research, or bioinformatics
  • Gain knowledge in a wide variety of subjects: Gain a solid underpinning in subjects such as anatomy, physiology, genetics, biochemistry and cell biology
  • Tailor your own learning experience: Study a degree designed with subjects and pathways that allow you to tailor your personalised experience here at BU
  • Research-led teaching: Benefit from research-led teaching, with potential opportunities to get involved in exciting research projects during your time at BU
  • Great opportunities to pursue postgraduate study: A degree in medical science or biomedical sciences can also provide opportunities to pursue postgraduate study on our Physician Associate course.

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