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Introduction to placements

Whatever you study at BU, you’ll have the opportunity to do a placement year in the UK or overseas.

Full placement years last no less than 30 weeks, although your faculty will advise of you of the requirements for your course.

If you do an optional short placement, you’ll have to confirm this with your faculty ahead of the academic year.

Planning your placement

Our Placement Coordinators will help you plan your placement, so you can be sure you’ll gain the right experience.

To find your ideal work environment takes time, research and preparation and our students typically start the process a year before their placements start. Our Careers & Employability Service offers a range of guidance throughout the process.

Securing your placement

BU has an ever-expanding network of employers who are keen to collaborate with our placement students. Working with your faculty and careers advisors, you’ll be able to explore the range of opportunities available to you.

You’re also free to search for a placement independently. We’ll advise you how to do this and how to ensure the experience you gain is best suited to your course needs – ensuring you develop the right skills to enhance your future employability.

Placement stories

Anna-Maria Rusanova

Anna-Maria Rusanova

“Working at IBM was the greatest opportunity of my life, as well as a true pleasure.”

Alex Manu

Alex Manu

“The placement year is amazing, and not just because of the experience you gain.”

Ella Watson

Ella Watson

“I’ve laughed, cried and learnt so much. To say it’s been a rewarding experience is an understatement.”